Pool and Spa Cleaning - Elite Villa Management
Pool & Spa Cleaning Service overview

We have been operating our pool and spa cleaning and maintenance service in playa blanca since 1998 and are still the leading company in this field.

We offer swimming pool cleaning, repair and management services to both Elite Villa Management clients, the general public, hotels and communities.

We were the first company in playa blanca to obtain professional swimming pool qualifications. All of our staff are trained to the highest standard are are director has been involved in  water purification since the 1990s.

David is also one of the only two full members Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers in Lanzarote.

We have a qualified laboratory technician and have our own photometers, and other laboratory equipment. 

Also part of our group is Lanzarote pool and spa shop bringing all our construction, installation, hydraulic and other pool and spa experience to our clients.

If someone in Playa Blanca has a big issue with their pool, they normally end up talking to us. So you might as well skip the middle man! 

Simply put we are the most experienced and most qualified company in Playa Blanca and Lanzarote to look after your pool.


. Clean the debris from the pool floating and on the floor

. Clean the filtration system

Clean the skimmer and pump basket

. Clean the border line of the pool

. Balance the chemical levels

. Maintain the water pump and heater

. Maintain the chemical levels

. Clean any debris

. Clean scum lines

. Clean the filter

. Change the water regularly

Our prices

No, we are so happy with our service that we do not ever ask anyone to sign up to it 🙂

We do however have detailed terms and conditions that we ask you to read and sign.


Yes, we can help you restore your pool water, 

This service starts from €20 per visit / plus chemicals

After if you prefer for us to then maintain your pool, chemicals are included.

No, swimming pools requires at least once a week visit

We recommended twice a week during the summer due to the weather. 

Yes! All repairs small or large and including full swimming pool construction. 

Contact us and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Lanzarote Pool and Spa Shop

located in the warehouse district of playa blanca, lanzarote pool and spa shop is part of the Montana villas and pools group (MVP Group), 

Opened its first pool shop in 2005 and moved to the warehouse in 2006 our pool and spa shop have supplied swimming pool solar covers, pool heaters, chemicals and more over the past years.