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Maintenance Service overview

Our experienced maintenance team have a long history in the industry. Regular maintenance inspections ensured small maintenance jobs are noticed before they become big maintenance issues.

Over the years we have developed an efficient process for villa maintenance, issue reporting and tracking.

From changing batteries to Repairing a leaking pipe. From touching up paint work to full decorating projects. From minor repairs to house extensions, we ensure your property is always kept and presented in a way that makes both our team and you proud. 

In the event of an emergency we have a dedicated emergency 24/7  phone number that redirects to the first available member of staff to make sure emergencies are resolved as quickly as possible.


All our villas are regularly inspected by the team and if anyone notices any issues they are immediately added by that person into our exclusive maintenance database with photos and details. This then notifies the office in real time so that the villa owners are informed about the issue.

Additionally to our maintenance database, all our maintenance professionals are GPS located so when an emergency is called into the office the job is assigned to the nearest team member.

What types of maintenance can you provide?
LeaksBaths, Basins, Sinks, Toilets, Boilers, Water pipes, Roofs, etc
Blocked DrainsBlocked Drains, Toilets
Doors / WindowsRepairs to doors and windows
ElectricsElectrical Plugs / Fuses, Loss of power, Smoke / carbon monoxide sensor batteries
Villa RenovatingDecorating, Furnishing, Structure Repairs, Extensions and Full Construction projects

Yes, if you have any projects or maintenance jobs, contact us.

No. We can undertake most tasks but if we require a specialist for example electrician to issue a boletin, we have a number of trust worthy external companies with who we have a long standing relationships.

We manage all projects! Our job is to make your property ownership stress free. Whatever you need from us large or small, you’ve got it!  

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