Proposal for lifting the Lanzarote Lockdown

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Proposal for lifting the Lanzarote Lockdown

The Canary Islands will propose to Pedro Sánchez , this Sunday, a plan to start this Monday – April 27 – the partial de-escalation of the confinement established to fight the coronavirus pandemic .

The regional government’s approach consists of four phases to be carried out in four weeks and would start with a process to allow the population’s access to the street divided into two groups: people who are domiciled in houses located in even numbers could go out on even days and those who live in houses with odd numbers on odd days of the calendar – in a maximum of three people together or the family that lives together.


In addition, the Archipelago plan suggests that children under the age of 14 can go from 16:00 to 19:00 . In the first phase they could not to parks. Then it will be seen. In the case of the elderly, they will be allowed to leave their houses from 11:00 to 13:00 .

Access to second residences would be limited , from the outset, for animal care or orchards on individual trips.

The Canary project also suggests that outdoor sports can be carried out at two times: from 5.00 to 9.00 or from 20.00 to 23.00 . This permit establishes that you can walk a maximum of two kilometers from your home and run a maximum of four kilometers from your home . The gyms will be able to open, from the second week, with limited capacity and you can go hiking one hour away from home – at most.

The population should always wear a mask if they are going to enter closed spaces – not for running or walking. In addition, public events of more than 50 people cannot be held and the cinemas and theaters may open for fifty spectators or a third of the capacity – in separate rows and seats.


The hotels will be able to open from the second week with a 50% capacity and the presence of people in funeral homes is expanded to 10 family members.

The small shops , during the first week, will open with limited capacity . The plan recommends not to go shopping, but to a specific store. In the case of shopping centers, they can be started from the second week.

The activity of the hairdressers will be activated during the first week , although the clients will have to come with masks.

Access to the beach will be considered from the second week to allow it in weeks three and four with conditions: maximum one hour from home and keeping distance.

The opening of restaurants in the Canary Islands is projected for the last two weeks of the plan and they will only be able to admit 50% of capacity – always with a reservation and for no more than four people per table.

On May 18 you could travel between islands and there is no fixed date for the opening of the Islands for tourists or non-residents, although it is established that people who want to enter the Canary Islands must certify a negative PCR upon leaving their place of origin . Otherwise, you must spend 14 days confined when entering the Archipelago.

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