Passport Registration for Villas

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Passport Registration for Villas

Registering guest passports for your rental villa is a simple process and one that you must undertake as all visitor passports must by law be handed into the Guardia Civil. 

If you have ever stayed at a hotel, B&B or Hostel in Spain you will of course be familiar with the process of handing in your passport to reception.

Technically speaking you have always been required to keep copies of your guest’s passports and hand them into the Guardia Civil. The problem has been a inadequate process to allow villa owners of private holiday lets to submit guest passports.

If you had registered your villa as a finca rural then that would have been fine the fact is though that the vast majority of rental villas and apartments don’t fit into this category. 

In 2018 changes to the registration process became easier. You can now register your villa with Guadia Civil directly, and you must do this by law! There are heavy fines for those discovered not handing in guest passports, so it’s important you do this and that you manage it in the correct way

Registering for passports

Firstly its important that the villa is correctly registered with the local Guardia civil office. In order to do this, you or your villa management company will need to fill out and present a (Registro de actividades en estabelcimientos turisticos) form.

Secondly, you must register every guest’s passport on the Guardia Civil website. Within 24 hours of them arriving in your villa. We understand the law to say it’s 48 hours but on the Guardia Civil website it says 24 hours so we would suggest this is the best option!

Data Protection.

When you register the guest’s passport you must also keep a copy of this for 3 years. It’s important to make sure that you comply with all the relevant data protection laws as you just can’t keep passport copies lying around at home or on an unsecured disk drive. if a villa management team is doing this on your behalf they are responsible for submitting and keeping the copies, this then reduces risk to yourself.

Make sure you are using a professional property management solution as you need to give your guests confidence in booking with you and if they get the feeling their personal information has been improperly handled, its going to show on whether they book with you again in the future.

Personal Data protection

Its important to remember that the fines for breach of data protection laws can be as heavy as those given for not registering the passports! We comply with the latest data protection laws and stay up to date with the latest requirements.

You can find additional information on the official Guadia Civil website

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