Fiber Optic Internet

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Fiber Optic Internet

In 2014 Movistar invested 4 million euros to roll out a fiber optic infrastructure throughout Lanzarote. The company have since connected thousands of ultra fast Internet lines reaching nearly 70% coverage and thanks to a budget increase of 1.2 million euros. Movistar have promised to have a single line for every property with up to 100mb or 600mb connection speeds within 2 years.

Lanzarote Fiber optic is finally in Playa Blanca, many areas within playa blanca are already connected and are enjoying the benefits it provides other areas will be coming online in the next coming months.

Benefits to having fiber optic internet.

Fiber optic is the best internet connection available unlike copper ADSL cables which have deteriorated over time or wireless antennas that have interference from calimas and high temperature, Fiber optic has very little interference, and as such fewer interruptions to your internet connection, with speeds of 100mb and above, we’re able to enjoy 4K ultra high definition TV through video streaming from providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other providers for UK channels.

With such a large amount of bandwidth speed available we’re able to have several connected devices, simultaneously using the internet without any drops to Internet streaming TV services.

I'm not receiving the speeds I pay for?

Its often believed that if you pay for a certain internet speed you should receive that full speed when testing your internet speeds using 3rd party services such as, these types of speed tests are testing your connection between your villa and a non-Internet provider server,  which will of course appear slower than your connection to your internet provider as internet speeds drop with distance. Your contract with your ISP (internet Service Provider) is to provide you with x-amount of internet speed from their local exchange servers. 

Additionally your Internet speeds can vary based on a number of things, 

  • The server your testing, the bandwidth and performance of the website or streaming servers.
  • The number of devices using your internet.
  • Using the internet during peak times.
  • Wi-Fi envioment: if your testing over Wi-Fi either having W-Fi congestion (Wi-Fi signals conflicting), Weak Wi-Fi Signal or a Slow Wi-Fi router can slow your internet, try plugging in with a cable to test your speeds.
  • The performance of the device your using. For a more accurate speed test use a PC

Getting Fiber Optic Installed.

Installing fiber optic isn’t always straight forward over time the macrons (tubes) that pass the phone adsl cables to the villa from the street can become blocked or crushed. If this has happened from your villa to the first access grill on the street its usually the owners responsibility and the engineers can’t install until the repairs or replacement macron are done. 

If you have seen engineers installing fiber optic cables near your villa it might not yet be set as available to your villa by the internet provider, usually with a bit of patience the engineers report it to the head office as available and you’ll then be able to order it .

Arranging Fiber optic installation is part of our property management services if your interested in learning more about our services see our services pages or contact us 

Fiber Optic Special Offer

Movistar are offering a 65% discount for the first 12 months of fiber optic internet contracts

Upgrading your TV

Those who are looking at purchasing a new TV for their villas, 4K TVs have come down in price a great deal and with new 8K TV coming available the prices are continuing to drop making a great future investment.

Companies such as Electron, Worten and F.T regularly have offers for 4K TV’s as low as 150 euros!

“Investing in a 4K HDR TV is a great investment as more and more content is being streamed in 4K. 

As of yet none of the video streaming providers have announced any plans for 8K content yet, so I would not recommend 8K TVs.” Steven Mottershaw – I.T System Manager

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